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Discover our online emporium, where witchy vibes meet exquisite craftsmanship, offering an array of bewitching accents to enchant every corner of your abode!

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We make custom designs and bespoke creations too! Let us know what your imagination has conjured up and we'll turn it into a reality.

About Us

Hello, we are Samantha White and Satsuki Gormley, and we are artists, crafters and entrepreneurs. Our company Alchemy Art is dedicated in creating home decor and  gift products that is for the eclectic individual. 


Our passion is to provide our fellow Goths, Witch Core, Horror Lovers unique handmade items that is not just found around Halloween, but year round. 


Especially with the state of the world today so many of us want to have a little witch cottage in the woods, and we want to help those people add the finishing touches to their homes. Even if your home is not that cottage you so dream of, it can have that ambiance inside.  

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